Reader Comment: Sheraton Free Weekend Nights Promo Issue (One Free Night Taken Away)

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A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me an email regarding a sudden issue he was having with the Sheraton Free Weekend nights promo. Starwood had first counted more nights towards the promo goal than at the end.

Reader Comment Sheraton Free Weekend Nights Promo

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I’m recently facing an issue with the Sheraton Free Weekends promo which took place earlier this year. I got 15 eligible nights displayed in my online tracker during the promo period leading to three free nights. However it looks like this was changed afterwards, taking two eligible nights off my tracker with the result of one less award night.

It seems that a stay with three nights and check-out in the promo period first got displayed as three eligible nights in the tracker, but in some point in time after the promo or towards the end of the promo this got broken down to single nights, which were not all in the promo period. If they would have shown this during the promo I would have simply spend more nights, but I did not get a hint so I feel kind of cheated leaving me with one less award night.

Did you ever hear of such behavior like promo results got changed after a promo without noticing the customer?


The issue with this promo tracker was that it only showed the number of nights “achieved”, but not from which hotel they had counted from. It also took some time for the promo tracker to update to include the most recent Sheraton stays.

I had a stay at the beginning of this promo that had a night or two counted from prior but I checked out during the promo period. My free nights (3) are still intact.

Did you contact SPG to fix some other stay of yours? The “missing stay” department is very good at going through your other stays and removing points that you were awarded in “error”. Not the most customer friendly move, I know.

You could contact the SPG customer service to find out where one of your free nights went. Nothing to lose at this point really.