Reader Questions: Moving Qantas Points To BA or EK, Wort Buying Ambassador Status, Flight Delay Question, Crediting To Lufthansa or Turkish, Earning Oneworld Sapphire on Qantas Domestic Flights and Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Lounge Access At Sofitel Rio De Janeiro


Here are six reader questions from the past week (so many good questions coming in!) that I have decided to reply to publicly. You can always email me, leave a note or private message on Facebook, or Tweet me with your questions.

Reader Questions November 14

Note that I can shorten the emails and edit them for clarity. I always remove the personal information of both the reader and front line employees. If there are managers involved, I may leave their names intact, however.

Ralph’s Question Moving Qantas Points To British Airways or Emirates

I received 45000 qantas points and put this in my nephews qantas account as I do not have qantas account. how can I transfer this to my Emirates or BA account.

You cannot. You can, however, use Qantas points for award flights on Emirates or British Airways.

It is very rare that airline programs would allow transferring miles between programs. Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines are the only ones that come to my mind at the moment that allow moving miles between the programs.

Akash’s Question Whether It Is Worth Buying Ambassador Status

I’m already an IHG Platinum member, and I am going to be staying in an Intercontinental for 4-5 months in a few weeks. I was wondering if you think it would be worth it to get membership in the Ambassador program if I am going to be staying there that long. Since I am already guaranteed a room upgrade by being a platinum member, does the ambassador program give me another one on top of that?

It really depends on the rate type booked and if it is eligible for night credit and points. There are some “long term” rates that are not eligible and thus would not count towards the elite status.

I would also break the stay for five stays of 30 nights or so. As long as your rate is qualifying, you would become Royal Ambassador after your second stay and could start draining the complimentary minibar daily.

So, my answer is yes. You should sign up for the Ambassador as long as your rate is a qualifying one.

2Toots Flight Delay Question

I hardly ever fly (and some say that’s a blessing!) But we recently took a trip to Italy–all was good! Our return flight was delayed 6 hours – I didn’t realize it until we were well past security.

We had left the hotel and didn’t have any internet till I turned my phone on in the airport. The delay email was sent just after we left the hotel. I contacted the airlines via twitter and was sent the customer appreciation email with a choice of points 5,000 or $100 e-credit

It really depends where the delayed flight was from and to where.

European Union has very clear rules for compensation in case of delayed flights that is dependent of the flight length and the delay to your destination.

When you are referring to an e-credit, this makes me think that this is likely an US based airline flying out from Italy. In this case, as long as your arrival was delayed by more than four hours, the airline owns you 600 euros per passenger in CASH.

Haitao’s Question Regarding Crediting to Lufthansa or Turkish

I would like some advise. So, I mostly fly LH due to living near FRA, but I credit everything to TK, due to its easy (re)qualification requirements for StarGold. I have two upcoming long haul flights. If I credit them to TK, it will put me over 80K in the past 12 months and get me E+ status, which offers 4 upgrade vouchers that I can use for future long haul flights; LH just sent me an offer for triple miles on premium economy flights by the end of Feb, 2016, so if I credit the two flights to LH, it won’t get me any status, but it will get me around 50K extra award miles.

Which one do you think is of more value? The upgrade vouchers from TK or 50K extra award miles from LH? I already have TK gold, so other than the upgrade vouchers, the E+ status does not really bring anything new, but I do fly a lot between Europe and Asia, and given how easy it is to re-qualify for E+, I will have 2 vouchers every year until TK change the rules. On the other hand, 50K miles is not something to just throw away easily… could you offer some advice?

I would value those four Turkish upgrade vouchers more than 12,500 miles each that you would earn extra based on the Lufthansa promo that you have been offered. That’s what I should choose also based on the fact that you fly a lot between Europe and Asia. Shouldn’t bee too difficult for you to use them.

Goh’s Question Getting Oneworld Sapphire On Qantas Domestic Flights

Sorry for being lazy (but tried to search for it in your blog) but I wonder if you have any advice of Australian OneWorld travellers with mostly Australian Domestic Flights with Qantas, on which frequent flyer plan to use for the quickest way to get status point for Tier Sapphire? I thought it will be easy working it out but there are certain club rules about minimum flights with the parent airlines which makes it complicated.

American Airlines and British Airways both require four segments on their flights (or flights marketed by AA/BA).

Oneworld Sapphire maps to American Airlines Platinum that requires 50,000 Elite Qualifying Miles. On British Airways the Silver status would be enough that requires 600 Tier Points but you would need to become Bronze first that requires 300.

If you are flying on business class , British Airways would be better option while American would be better for economy.

Roberto’s Question Regarding Platinum Lounge Access At Sofitel Rio

I’m a PLATINUM member and I stayed in the Sofitel Rio de Janeiro for two nights until this morning. I asked for the access to the Club Lounge today and the reception answer me that the access for the Platinum is possible only from 12:00 to 24:00, NOT in the morning.

So my questions are:
1) is this a general policy for all the Accor hotels and / or Sofitel?
2) if not, why this policy is applied autonomously by the hotel?

In the Accor Club rules is NOT written anything related to the access policy! So it’s clear and evident that the access is all long the day, without exceptions!

This behavior is very strange and inappropriate comparing with the benefits of the other chains like Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, Hyatt (I’m higher level of ALL this chains) where the access to the lounge for the higher level is completely free all long the day. It’s really NOT useful to have the access to the lounge excluding the breakfast period! I already wrote directly to the hotel and to the Accor Club service. I’m waiting an answer, but I would like to submit also to you this point. It’s important for me to understand because the access to the lounge all day long is the bigger discrimination point to book in a chain or another!

This Sofitel is an outlier with all the Sofitels in Australia that don’t grant lounge access at all.

Sofitel RIo once didn’t want to check me in the lounge because I hadn’t paid for the lounge access, although I had access outside of the breakfast hours. Makes no sense at all.

You should leave a negative review about this hotel on TripAdvisor with the same notes. Nothing will change unless people start voicing their complaints.


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