Etihad Airways 25% Partner Points To Etihad Guest Miles Conversion Bonus November 14 – December 31, 2015

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Etihad Airways has launched a new partner points to Etihad Guest miles 25% conversion bonus.

Etihad Airways 25 Percent Partner Points To Airline Miles Conversion Bonus November 14 - December 31 2015

This offer is valid from select partner conversions initiated between November 14 and December 31, 2015.

You can access Etihad’s webpage for this offer here.

Note that Starpoints and Etisalat Rewards conversions are not eligible for this bonus.

Here are some partner examples:

Etihad Airways 25 Percent Partner Points To Airline Miles Conversion Bonus November 14 - December 31 2015 Partners


Converting hotel points to Etihad Guest miles at just 25% bonus doesn’t make much sense because you could always dump the miles to a better partner program.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  • Bonus Etihad Guest Miles will be posted to your Etihad Guest Programme account within 7 days of the standard miles being transferred.
  • Once the Miles transfer request in initiated it cannot be reversed.
  • 25% Bonus Etihad Guest Miles transfer offer is valid from November 14th to December 31st 2015 (inclusive).
  • This offer is subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Etihad Guest Programme.
  • A valid Etihad Guest Miles membership number is required.
  • Etisalat Rewards and Starwood Starpoints are excluded from this promotion.
  • The promotion is applicable for any member who converts their Partner loyalty programmepoints to Etihad Guest Miles. The eligibility of the bonus for a specific member will be done basis validity ofthe promotion and the date of conversion provided by the partner for that respective member.
  • Base Etihad Guest Miles requested for conversion by the member will be governed as per the applicableconversion ratios of the respective partners
  • Bonus Etihad Guest Miles earned during this promotion will reflect in the member’s Etihad Guestmembership account within 10 days of the original Conversion of Etihad Guest Miles havebeen credited into the member’s account.
  • If an Etihad Guest member holds credit cards and/or Hotel loyalty programme cards of differentbanks and hotels and converts the rewards points to Etihad Guest Miles under this promotion, then thenumber of Bonus Gutes Miles he/she will earn will reflect separately in the members account foreach partner
  • The above promotion construct is valid only for the all Conversion Partners which fall under theRewards Conversion programme and governed by the conversion ratios and minimum thresholdsapplicable for these respective partners.
  • Bonus Etihad Guest Miles will not be calculated on retroactive basis under any circumstances i.e. credit card/ hotel reward points converted to Etihad Guest Miles and posted into the membership account during thepromotion period but for which the conversion request was placed outside the promotion periodwill not qualify for the bonus miles promotion.
  • Etihad Guest member will be responsible for quoting the correct Etihad Guest membership number to theparticipating conversion partners for the conversion activity.
  • Terms and conditions governing the existing Conversion partners will apply.
  • Etihad Guest reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the promotion or modify or alter the terms and conditions of such promotion at any time.
  • Participation under this promotion is purely voluntary for the members.
  • The decision of Etihad Guest will be final and binding under this promotion andno disputes will be entertained in this regard.
  • Etihad Guest Miles once credited will not be reversed.
  • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other conversion offer.
  • Etihad Guest Miles accumulated under this offer will be governed by rules and regulations of Etihad Guest programmeme.