All Nippon Airways: Flight Attendant Sentenced In Singapore For Shoplifting During Layover


A flight attendant for All Nippon Airways (ANA / NH) has been caught shoplifting during her layover in Singapore earlier this year and was sentenced to pay a 7,000 SGD fine this week.

Airbus A320 ANAThis nightly shoplifting spree turned out quite expensive for the young lady who reportedly suffered from depression at the time.

A 7,000 SGD (4,900 USD) fine and I would guess consequences as far as her employment is concerned.

Singapore Newspaper The Straits Times wrote about the case in their ‘Courts’ section (access here).

A 27-year-old Japanese flight stewardess was on Monday (Nov 16) fined $7,000 for stealing from shops in Paragon earlier this year. Satoko O., who was suffering from major depression with impulse control disorder at the time of the offence, pleaded guilty to three counts of theft.

The court heard that Otaka flew to Singapore on an All Nippon Airways flight early on Aug 4. Fatigued, and with no sleep, she went to Paragon shopping centre in Orchard Road.

At about 12.20pm, a deputy manager at Marketplace supermarket detained Otaka for shoplifting and called the police. Among other items she had taken from the shop were fruits, post cards, packaged soup and vegetable stock. The total value of the items was $171.74.

Wow… 171 SGD value in Supermarket items. I think the assortment of items already speak for itself there there was something (psychologically) wrong with the lady. Those are not usual ‘shoplifting’ articles. But it goes on…

A Salvatore Ferragamo coin pouch, card holder and wallet were also found on her. The stolen branded items amounted to $1,750.

Police also found a Mizuno men’s tights in her possession. The item from World Of Sports cost $165.90.

The shoplifting spree at seven shops in all lasted from 10.30am to 11am, and the total value of the stolen items was $2,356.14.

That’s quite a substantial amount. But again: Men’s tights?

Deputy Public Prosecutor Goh Yi Ling asked the court to impose a fine on Otaka.

In mitigation, Otaka’s lawyer Gary Low told the court that the offences were not premeditated nor committed for financial and material gain. There was also no loss, and the stolen items were recovered.

Mr Low said his client, who was ascertained to be suffering from major depression and impulse control disorder at the time, is now receiving appropriate psychiatric treatment.

There have been many cases in the media where people who suffered from such disorders resorted to irregular behavior, shoplifting included. To comment on this in a qualified manner I think one has to be a medical professional in that field.

Japan has a very high rate of depression, a subject matter which has been discussed a while back in this Japan Times article.


Hopefully the ladies health situation has improved since this incident took place. The fine as a result of her action is certainly stiff but Singapore is known for imposing drastic sentences for all sorts of crimes to keep their population in check and to deter foreigners from committing crimes on the tiny island. I don’t fault them for that policy. The young woman’s medical condition has been taken into account as a mitigating factor during sentencing.

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