Protea’s Email About Marriott Rewards Integration (Effective Today November 17)

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When I wrote about the Protea’s integration to Marriott Rewards on November 17, 2015 (Marriott has not sent any info to their members about this) a reader forwarded me an email that he had received from Protea.

Protea Marriott Rewards

All Protea properties (except Aishi Machame) are now Marriott Rewards participating. The Protea’s own loyalty program Prokard will continue to exist until October 31, 2016. Protea will launch Prokard Explorer that is an Asian style F&B discount program with an accommodation voucher + discounts thrown in.

You can access the Protea’s web page for this change here.

Here’s copy of the email text:

Protea Marriott Rewards Email Body


It is quite interesting that Protea launches Prokard Explorer for F&B discounts and accommodations vouchers. This is like Accor Plus or any of the other programs that are prevalent in Asia. Will need to check out some Protea properties when in Africa next time.