Two Air France Flights Diverted Due To Bomb Threats


Two Air France flights from United States to Paris were diverted on Tuesday night due to bomb threats that were called in.

Two Air France Diverted

Air France flight AF65 from Los Angeles diverted to Salt Lake City and Air France flight AF55 from Washington Dulles was diverted to Halifax, Canada.

You can read more about these diversions on CNN’s website here of which below is an excerpt:

“Several law enforcement agencies are working to determine the nature of the threats which caused the aircraft to divert,” FBI Special Agent Todd Palmer of the Salt Lake City division said.

No U.S. military aircraft were scrambled in either of the reported Air France incidents, NORAD spokesman Preston Schlachter said.

“Diversion of flights are the most draconian response to a bomb threat,” CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem said. “I think right now we take this seriously until we hear some explanation to the validity of the bomb threat.”

FlightRadar info for Air France flight AF65:


FlightRadar info for Air France flight AF55:

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It is unfortunate that flight gets diverted when someone calls in a bomb threat, although obviously it is the right thing to do. I can not remember an instance when there had been something nefarious going on when a threat had been called in.