UPDATE: Hyatt Gold Passport Instant Diamond Status Match Is Back! (Status Valid Until February 2017)


Hyatt Gold Passport made a surprise Twitter move on Thursday when they announced that straight status matches are back (read more here) and you only need to have a status with competing chain and ONE stay.

UPDATE Hyatt Gold Passport Status Match Update

Hyatt Gold Passport discontinued status fast tracks earlier this year with a promise that it would be back at some later date. Hyatt used to offer straight matches to their program, but later changed that to require x number of stays within certain period of time.

Hyatt Gold Passport later changed the rules of this Twitter campaign stating that midlevel status from competing chain would only qualify for Platinum not Diamond:

Hyatt Update

And then what programs they are considering for status match purposes:

Hyatt Update Programs

So, if you have top tier with Hilton, IHG, Marriott or SPG, it doesn’t hurt to send them an email and ask for a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond match that they are apparently still doing. You can use the following email address: hyattsocialmedia@hyatt.com.


Some of these promotions are bit ill-thought-out (like giving Hyatt Diamond for someone with just one stay with competing chain) and you must take action fast or be left behind.

It does seem that they are still processing Diamond status matches for hose that have Hilton Diamond, Marriott Platinum, SPG Platinum and high status with IHG (Platinum/Spire/Royal Ambassador). I don’t think that these instant matches will continue for too long, however.

Several readers have messaged that their Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond status matches had come through! Seems that Hyatt is swamped with messages/request at the moment and will take some time to get back to everyone.

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