UPDATE: Lufthansa Cabin Crew Strike Cancelled (For Now) To Prepare For Negotiations

Lufthansa Flight Attendants have cancelled the announced strike action which was set to last for several days after talks with company management resumed.

LH-Checkin STRIKEAll flights will operate as scheduled for the duration of these talks early December.

The union UFO which represents the LH Crews announced today that they are in new talks with the company as they signaled readiness to offer some concessions on the critical points.

LoyaltyLobby wrote about the announcement of a possible new strike yesterday (access here).

Lufthansa updates information about the current situation on their website (see here).

UFO calls off the Strike – Lufthansa Flights will operate as scheduled

The announced strike for 26, 27 and 30 November 2015 has been officially canceled by the Cabin Crew´s Union UFO.

Lufthansa flights will operate as scheduled

Based on reports in the German press, Lufthansa signaled room for negotiation as far as the companies special pension plan is concerned.


These talks will give a preliminary buffer for passengers until the next strike action will be announced. I can not imagine the union will agree to only minor concessions, neither will Lufthansa give in too much and open the door to similar blackmail by the other union groups.

Ground staff, cabin crew and cockpit crew are each represented by a different union and all of them are obviously vital to the daily operation of the airline. Even if each groups strikes only once per year that’s already three strikes and so far it was much more than that.

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