Emirates Passenger Gets 11 Month Jail Sentence After Air Rage – Smeared Genitals With Wine!


A passenger who got severely drunk and went into a rage mode on an Emirates flight received an 11 month jail sentence by a British court yesterday.

EK A380 copyThe passenger caused damage to the plane interior, exposed himself, abused the crew and bit a police officer on the ground.

This story is just wild. The case has just about everything in it that a crazy person could do (wrong) while flying.

A 46 year old British man got completely wasted on the flight from Dubai to Birmingham, drinking a wine-vodka mixer (disgusting!). Subsequently his verbal attacks started during which the passenger damaged the entertainment unit of his seat and exposed his genitals, covering them with wine.

The Daily Mail reported about the case (access here).

An airline passenger who racially abused fellow flyers, made sexual comments to a stewardess and bit a police officer during an air rage rampage has been jailed.

Jasbir Singh Bharaj was described by a flight attendant as the ‘worst passenger he had ever encountered’ after the shocking incident on a flight to the UK from Dubai.

He was handed an 11-month sentence this week after he was found guilty of drunkenness on an aircraft, criminal damage, racially aggravated words and behaviour and common assault.

The ‘Worst Passenger Ever Encountered’ is a title that is truly special and notorious. Maybe Skytrax should take it into their portfolio.

[The judge said:] ‘You told a female member of cabin crew that if she were on the ground you would punch her in the face.

‘In a particularly grotesque piece of behaviour you dipped your fingers in your glass of wine and rubbed them on your private parts. ‘The air hostess felt abused and disgusted after seeing you touch yourself in such a sexually explicit way.

‘You shouted “f*****g Muslims – send them back to where they came from” and “f*****g ISIS”. When you landed you were abusive to police and bit PC Ingram on the arm.

This behavior demonstrates in clear fashion that some passengers simply don’t have themselves under control. As per the opinion of the judge in the case, Singh also had prior convictions which likely lead to the court throwing the book at him this time. On top of it all he injured a police officer by biting him in the arm.

Last year John wrote about the fact that theoretically you need an alcohol license on board of Emirates Airlines (see here), a regulation that is conveniently overlooked.


Even though the airlines are distributing free alcohol it’s probably not recommended to consume extraordinary quantities just because the drinks are complimentary. Especially if you fall into a state of aggressive behavior once intoxicated.

People react differently to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, in particular up in the air. I recently flew on Qatar Airways and was surprised (and appalled) by how drunk and loud people got back in the bar area. Surprising as well that the crew allows this to happen because the noise was clearly audible in the back portion of the Business Class cabin.

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