SPG Dashboard Visited Brands Promo Update (Now Up To 11,000 Bonus Starpoints)

SPG launched Dashboard initiative back in September (read more here) to keep track of your elite status, promotions and countries & brands visited.

SPG Dashboard U

Many had a promotion on their Dashboard that was tied to the number of Starwood brands visited this year. You could get 10,000 bonus Starpoints for visiting all 10 brands in 2015. This has now changed, however (at least it has for me).

You can access SPG Dashboard here.

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SPG Dashboard Brand Promo

The promo previously was just 10,000 bonus Starpoints for visiting all 10 brands. They have now changed it to 9,000 bonus for 9 brands, 10,000 bonus for 10 brands, or 11,000 bonus for visiting 11 brands (Starwood introduced Design Hotels along the way).

Starwood has previously awarded those that have visited all their brands with free nights awards etc. Who knows if they have that promo coming up before Marriott takes over.


I just had a stay at the Tribute brands this past Sunday and was planning somehow to get one Element stay in for the year as well, although that is no longer needed. I will rather get that 9,000 bonus than spend too much time and effort to find one Element hotel.