Fabulous Friday: TIM Visitor Prepaid SIM Card For Brazil


Getting a prepaid SIM card with adequate data allowance has been a major PITA for those that visit Brazil.

Fabulous Fridays TIM Visitor Sim Card For Brazil

There are some prepaid SIM cards that come with very little data allowance per day or you need to have a local friend and use their CPF number for a better prepaid plan (and then have them call the operator each and every time you run out of data).

You can access TIM’s web page for this product here.

Seems that TIM has launched a TIM Visitor Prepaid SIM Card that should be good option for most. You need to have your passport with you, visit one of the TIM shops and hope that they have this product available.

You pay 50 R$ (less than $15 US) for the SIM and have equal amount of credit to use.

Faubous Fridays TIM Visitor Sim Card For Brazil Card

They only had full sized SIMs available, but the agent just activated the SIM and moved the number to another card.

What I like most is that you pay 25 R$ for 1.5GB of mobile data valid for 7 days. If you use more, you can just subscribe for another 1.5GB package for 7 days. You can do this all using text messages and shortcodes, so you don’t need to have a local phoning TIM if you go over your data limit.

Faubous Fridays TIM Visitor Sim Card For Brazil Saldo

Seems that the credit is valid for more than 3 months, as I just purchased this yesterday.


It has always amazed me how difficult it has been to get a decent prepaid SIM in Brazil that you could use for data access. I usually need one just in case that the hotel’s internet is so bad that it prevents me getting my work done.

Seems that I am getting LTE connection most of the time on my Samsung S5 and it appears to be quite speedy.

There is a TIM ship at the Guarulhols airport (GRU) in Sao Paulo where they should have these available. I am not sure if there is a one in Galeao in Rio (GIG). I picked up mine at the RioSul shopping center just out of Copacabana.