REMINDER: Check Your Luggage Tag(s)


This is just a friendly reminder that you should always check that the airport check in agent properly tags your bag. I have had mine mistagged twice this year.

Reminder Check Your Luggage Tags

Yesterday, I was flying on GOL (G3 2002) from GRU to SDU and the agent managed to tag my flight on GOL flight 2020 to POA under completely different name and the PNR.

The check in was chaotic and had to have a supervisor to fix my PNR (GOL tried to charge more for the seat that I had chosen when ticketed on Expedia) and the agent rushed to check my bag in less than 30 minutes before scheduled departure.

Reminder Check Your Luggage Tag

While walking to the gate, I had a look at my tag and realized that it was wrong. The gate agent checked and found that there was no bag checked in using my PNR. Other agent called the bags and asked them to move this specific bag from the flight 2020 to 2002.

Couple of minutes later he told me that they had found the bag and asked me to follow him to the jetway. Soon he came with the correct bag and it was loaded to the flight I was on.


I was surprised how efficiently GOL was able to retrieve the bag from the incorrect flight and get to the correct gate, but I really should have checked the tag that the bag was going to the right place.

There was a similar issue with Etihad earlier this year when an agent tagged my bag under wrong PNR (mine but not the one under what I was flying) and the bag went missing for couple of days.

I have had agent quiet often mistag bags when there are number of connections involved, but I have always been able to get them rectify the situation. If nothing else helps, they can always write a manual tag, although you may need to get supervisor assistance at that point.

Lufthansa once would have wanted me to pick up a bag in Oslo and recheck it during my 30 or so minute connection (would have never happened).

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