Wyndham Rewards Program Changes Coming In 2016

Several LoyaltyLobby readers alerted me yesterday about a note that was up on Wyndham’s website about changes to its loyalty program in 2016.

Wyndham Rewards Changes

Wyndham Rewards is discontinuing its Gold status as of December 31, 2015, and Gold members won’t anymore earn extra points based on their status. Wyndham promises to introduce new program in 2016.

You can access Wyndham’s web page for this announcement here.

Here’s the information available for far:

In 2016, Wyndham Rewards will become even more rewarding, as we develop some exciting new benefits and perks. As those are taking shape, we want to let you know about some important changes regarding your current Gold Status Membership.

  • Your Wyndham Rewards Gold Status Points:* You’ll only receive Gold Status Points you earn through December 31, 2015. You can still redeem your Gold Status Points earned in 2015 until their expiration date.
  • Your Wyndham Rewards Qualified Nights: All of your 2015 qualified nights will count towards your new member status in 2016. We’ll be back in touch soon to tell you more about these new member status levels, including one first-of-its-kind perk we know you’ll love.

* The Wyndham Rewards Gold Status program as described in Section IV of the Wyndham Rewards Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) will be discontinued as of December 31, 2015, and a new program will be introduced in 2016. Members will be able to earn Gold Status Point Bonuses in accordance with the Terms through December 31, 2015. Any Gold Status Point Bonus earned prior to January 1, 2016 may be redeemed in accordance with the Terms.


It would be time for Wyndham to spice up the perks associated with its Wyndham Rewards program and introduce real benefits for those that stay at their properties a lot. We’ll see what happens with the program in 2016.

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