Thai Travelers Too Lazy To Queue Up – Shopping Bags Secure Place At Boarding Gate!


Passengers on board Thai Airways from Tokyo Haneda to Bangkok were not in the mood to wait for the boarding themselves so they decided to let their shopping goods do the deed.

Thai A380 copy 2A picture surfaced on a Thai online forum that lead to people scolding the travelers who caused this scene, saying they would damage the reputation of Thai travelers abroad.

Popular Thai online Forum Pantip (access here) has all sorts of useful (and useless) information including the one that ensued when a user posted an image from Tokyo’s Haneda airport this weekend.

It shows the boarding area of a Thai Airways flight departing for Bangkok and a rather interesting queue management system, invented by the passengers.

TG JP Thai Airways

Japan is very popular with Thai tourists for a long time, especially since a visa waiver program has been put in place.

Thailand being a popular tourism destination itself sees a fair share of tourist misconduct and bad behavior with the Thais being not shy to voice their contempt for such offenders. A constant target are Chinese tourists in all parts of Thailand who give plenty of reason to aim and fire.

But this image had a vice versa effect. Thai contributors slammed the offending passenger for destroying the image of Thailand and Thai Tourists abroad with their bad behavior such as this.

One user wrote ‘Thais say many bad things about Chinese tourists but now we are trying to compete with them?’


That discussion certainly hits a sore spot because as far as it comes to Thailand, in media depiction and popular belief it’s always the foreigners that do the wrong things. This holds a mirror in their faces and Thais are confronted how they themselves as a representative sample of their country behave while being tourists.

This happening in Japan, obviously staff will not confront them over this situation. The boarding gates in Haneda are split with the left side (as seen in the image) are used for Economy Class boarding and the right side behind for Priority Boarding. At least this way they didn’t block the way for everybody.

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