Bomb Found On Board Air France Plane En Route To Paris – Flight Diverted And Passengers Secured


A suspicious package which has been identified as a bomb has been found on an Air France flight en route from Mauritius to Paris Charles de Gaulle. The flight was immediately diverted and all passengers and crew left the aircraft safely.

Air France B777The item was found on Air France Flight AF463, with 459 passengers and 14 crew members on board after already being in the air from Mauritius airport.

It appears that the passengers and crew on board this flight were extremely lucky today after the package was found in one of the lavatories. The flight crew immediately began proceedings to land and evacuate the jet, bringing all passengers and crew to safety at Mombasa airport.

You can follow the story on The Guardian (access here).

An Air France plane on its way to Paris was forced to make an emergency landing in Mombasa after a suspicious device, which the Kenyan Airport Authority said was a bomb, was found in the jet’s lavatory.

Flight AF463, with 459 passengers and 14 crew members on board, had left Mauritius at 9pm local time on Saturday and was due to arrive in Paris Charles de Gaulle at 5.50am local time.

After the suspicious device was discovered, the plane landed at Moi international airport in Mombasa before 1am local time.

Air France and the Kenyan police both said investigators were working to confirm whether the package was a bomb.

The cabinet secretary for the interior ministry, Joseph Nkaissery, flew to Mombasa and promised a statement by the end of the day. “A number of passengers are still under interrogation as part of the probe and we don’t want to talk more before we establish what and who was behind it,” he said.

However, the airport authority said unequivocally in a statement on its Facebook page that an explosive device was retrieved from the plane. “Bomb experts from the Kenya navy took the bomb away to safety,” it said. “The Kenyan security is zeroing in on two passengers who appear suspicious.

Twitter Kenya Airports

Here are also some Twitter Messages published by Air France:

Twitter Air FranceThis aircraft is the third to be diverted after the terror attacks in Paris, however the first where an actual bomb has been found. France is still on high security alert after terrorists killed 130 people in Paris back in November.


News are still vague and there isn’t really anything to conclude other than that this is probably the second birthday of the 473 people on board should the package be 100% identified as a live bomb.

It’s simply horrific how all of a sudden this terror grips all over the world again, irrespective of who is ultimately responsible for it.

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