Hyatt Gold Passport IT Update – Failure?


Hyatt that is known to have the most unstable website of all hotel loyalty programs that I have ever participated took its Gold Passport down (read more here) for December 15 – 18 (and then extended it to 19th) for a system update.

Hyatt IT Update

The website is now back in business but are there any issues that you may have noticed?

Here are the issues that I’m having:

– One stay has disappeared. I had 25 stays for the year and now one has gone missing (and probably some points as well).

– The history is only for the past 13 months. Previously Hyatt allowed you to go back years of your stay history, but now only for the most recent 13 months. Is this called an upgrade?


I should have taken a screenshot of my account history and point balance in anticipation of this “upgrade”. Knowing how badly they have handled their website for years, I should have anticipated that they would screw the stay and points data when moving from the old system to a new one.

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