ExpertFlyer United Airlines & Star Alliance Award Availability Update

ExpertFlyer is an online tool that allows frequent travelers to have access to fares, valid routings, flight availability both paid and award (latter on some airlines), and some other information.


Delta had ExpertFlyer to remove their flight availability and fare information from ExpertFlyer last year and some United information has been on/off for years.

Now the company sent the following information to its subscribers:

We are happy to announce that ExpertFlyer again supports UA Award searching and alerting. Also additional Star Alliance airlines have been added and now all Star Alliance carriers are supported for award searching on ExpertFlyer. The award searches for the newly added airlines will return a Yes/No availability response for each award class for the Quantity requested. “Yes” means at least the requested Quantity of awards are available, “No” means they are not.

As always, the full list of supported Award & Upgrade airlines/classes for searching and alerting is available here:


  • For UA, only the O,I,X Saver award classes are supported for searching and alerting. No other UA award or upgrade classes are available.
  • At this time there is no “Star Alliance” award search option, each Star Alliance airline would be selected/searched individually.

If you encounter any issues or have questions about specific searches, please email us directly at with the details about the search and results.

We hope that you find ExpertFlyer helpful in your travel planning. As always, thank you for your continued support of ExpertFlyer.

ExpertFlyer SGN-TYO


I run few searches and ExpertFlyer generally returned fewer options than LifeMiles or United award search engines. This was probably due to some lengthy connection times. When ExpertFlyer showed availability for SGN-NRT, it was available on United as well (LifeMiles didn’t return any).

ExpertFlyer is an useful too for frequent travelers that don’t have native GDS access. I have paid for yearly subscription and use it to check valid routings, fare rules (for stopovers and HIP) and sometimes for flight availability (both paid and awards).