Compensation Clinic: Sixt Rent A Car Germany, Berlin Europa Center


Today the Compensation Clinic makes a pit stop at Sixt Rent a Car in Germany where yours truly received a car that was in a very desolate state.

CC Sixt

On this particular car the front door on the passengers side had a massive dent and it wasn’t properly documented which created difficulty.

I received the pictured Volkswagen Touareg at a 24/7 city station in Berlin on a Saturday evening around 9pm, the cars are being kept in a garage a short walk away.

The rental contract included the description of a few minor damages but the part in question was only defined as ‘Scratch/Dent larger than 10cm’. Well, you can say that again. Pretty much the entire door will have to be replaced at some point. The fact alone that a car in this condition is being given to a customer who paid for this rental is unacceptable.

The agent was alone at his station and due to the late time in the evening was unable to have a look himself. The garage does not have staff at this time either. I ended up taking a picture of the damage and noted it manually as well as taking a video for my protection at a later point.

I left a business card to receive a callback from the Station Manager which never occurred. Subsequently I complained to Sixt Customer Relations through their web form. The entire correspondence was in German so I won’t be posting it here.

There was no further communication regarding this damage so it must have been ok but to receive a car with such damage and no detailed documentation about it should make every renter wary.

Sixt promised to credit 2000 miles to my frequent flier account in addition to the 500 earned for the rental. Since I collected Singapore Airlines KrisMiles for this rental I found it a fair compensation for the hassle.

SQ Transactions

The miles credited as promised within two weeks. I value 2000 KrisMiles with about 55-60 USD considering I use them for SQ Suites / First Class flights.


To run around at 9:30 in the evening trying to get this resolved was greatly annoying and as I said before a car with such substantial damage should have not been rented out in the first place.

I reserved a SUV on purpose due to the weather (snow, actually a snow storm) and this was the only one available. The compensation is fine but I’d much rather receive a car that is in proper condition.

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