Hyatt Gold Passport: System Maintenance Complete – Stays Now Posting!


Hyatt Gold Passport was down almost an entire week with no stays posting since 14 December 2015. It appears the system maintenance is now completed and stays from this period are posting to the account.

HGP announcement

The length of this system update was announced prior but ended up taking even longer than estimated with stay postings also significantly delayed.

Customers were advised to wait until the 28th of December to check and in the worst case retro claim any missing stays. I was not expecting it to go over smoothly considering how disastrous Hyatt’s IT is (I think that Hyatt has hands down the worst IT of all hotel chains). John wrote about this as well earlier this month (access here).

I had two stays during the last week and while not critical for my requalification or anything (I already requalified for Hyatt Diamond months ago) I prefer to have these irritating errands such as having to call for stay postings out of the way.

After checking my Gold Passport account It was a pleasant surprise to see both of my stays having posted in the meanwhile.


HGP Posting


I can’t really see a significant (if any) improvement as far as the website is concerned. One thing that’s most annoying is how fast the website times out. Let’s see what the next few months will show in terms of the abilities and user friendliness of the Hyatt website.


If you had Hyatt stays during the past two weeks it’s recommended to check your accounts and see if these stays posted at all and if so, with the proper amount of points.

Irrespective of this maintenance situation I always recommend to double check your Hyatt postings. Simply because I find them highly unreliable to the point where every second to third stay has to be corrected for either a missing Diamond 1W Bonus (1000 Welcome points) or due to the incorrect amount of points for spend being credited. Especially if you consumed F&B on property!

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