SAS Eurobonus To Allow Pooling Of “Basic” Points

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SAS sent out an email to some Eurobonus members just before Christmas last week reflecting the changes that had happened in 2015 and what their plans for 2016 are.

SAS Eurobonus Pooling Points

There were some information about the Eurobonus as well such as that they are short 800,000 members of their target of 5 million.

You can access SAS current page for family pooling here.

Here’s part of the email that caught my attention:

The EuroBonus program now counts 4.2 million members, with only 800,000 left to reach our target of five million. We entered into 11 new partnerships in Scandinavia this year and next year, we will take significant steps to make the program even better for you. First of all, we will introduce an easy way to book award flights and ensure that you enjoy even more access to them. We will also make it easier for you to maintain your tier level. For example, you will be able to use your family members’ Basic points towards your own tier level status and it will be easier to achieve “Lifetime Gold” status.

It is not uncommon for the airline to allow family pooling of miles to one account. It is not common, however, to allow the pooling of status miles (in SAS case Basic point). They are also planning to make the achieving Lifetime Gold easier.


This should make it easy for those that have large families that take a long-haul trip or two per year to achieve status on Eurobonus program easily. We have to wait to learn the exact terms of this program. Would they allow transferring of these status points at 1:1 ratio or something else?

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