SOLVED: Etihad Guest Retro Claim (Took SIX Months!)


What’s up with the Middle Eastern airlines of Emirates, Qatar and Etihad? I like their service in all cabins (yes – I do fly economy too), but dealing with their almost non-existent customer service is maddening.

Etihad Airways Guest Retroclaim

Etihad Airways often runs overlapping bonus tier and award miles campaigns for Guest members that tend to require certain ticketing and flight periods.

You can access Etihad’s web page for status benefits here.

I took some Etihad flights in business and first class expecting to get the triple tier and award miles per the promotion that I had signed up for, but the flights posted with some other bonus and no bonus tier miles at all.

I emailed the Etihad Guest regarding the flights that I took in March (note that promotion T&Cs usually state that it can take weeks for the bonus miles to post) on July 2nd and the Etihad Guest team finally fixed the flights yesterday (December 29). It took Etihad close to six months to rectify the situation.

Here’s the timeline:

– Flights taken in March

– Retro Claim email sent on July 2

– Email received on July 3 denying the bonus miles due to other bonus miles awarded

– Another email sent on October 30 to request removal of the previous bonus miles and have the triple bonus and tier miles posted

– Email denial received on November 1

– Another email sent on November 1 requesting issue to be fixed and CC’ed to the CEO

– Email received on November 2nd telling that they will look into this issue

– Email welcoming me to Etihad Guest Platinum status received on December 29


The new Etihad Guest promotions state that the member will only receive bonus miles per the FIRST eligible promotion they have signed up for (if they are valid for the same set of flights). You really have to be careful when signing up for the promotions as a result.

I stated on my emails that it would be better if Etihad Guest would credit the miles per the most beneficial promotion for the member. Many airlines do allow double dipping of various flight promotions.

It would be beneficial for the long terms success of the ME3 to spend more money on the customer service. At the end of the day customers do have a choice of airlines they use. You can only fool people once.

Just remembered that I took couple of Jet Airways flights back in October that never posted to my Etihad Guest account, although frequent flier number was on the boarding pass and received my Gold benefits such as the business class check in and lounge access both in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.

The main benefit of the Etihad Guest Platinum over Gold is the higher upgrade priority in case of cabin rollovers and first class lounge access in Abu Dhabi.

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