Fabulous Fridays: Prepaid Data SIM For Local & Overseas Use


On this Fabulous First Friday of 2016 we will revisit a topic that LoyaltyLobby has covered previously: Prepaid Data Sim to avoid Roaming Charges from your home cellphone provider.

Prepaid SIM

Utilizing these SIM Cards can not only help you reduce your phone charges significantly but also to skip censored internet such as in China.

During the past few months I have been traveling extensively in Asia and at some point I refused to continue paying the ridiculous Data Roaming packages my home provider charges. I started to carry a second phone and bought individual Data SIM (I still have to keep my original phone active for business purposes).

This summer, John wrote about the SIM Cards available in Hong Kong call 7 Connect which are available in 7Eleven stores. These Prepaid Data SIM are good all over Asia and active for 5 days each. You can access his article here.

Some readers commented that they had difficulty finding these SIM Cards in Hong Kong but I can happily confirm that they are available again. I bough 8 packs myself just 3 weeks ago to prepare for upcoming trips to mainland China (I’m actually in Shanghai for New Years at the moment).

These 7Connect cards are great, you pop them in and they start running immediately. Try to do it after midnight HK time to get the most usage time out of it. Even though the package says 198 HKD and 500MB for 5 days, I only paid 128 HKD per SIM and also got an SMS that the Data allowance is 1GB during these 5 days. Maybe a temporary promotion with the data volume.

In September I discovered that Japan now allows Prepaid SIM as well which are good for a limited amount of time after which they expire. I wrote about it here on LoyaltyLobby (access here).

Japan previously did not allow such SIM to be made available and visitors had to either use roaming or rent a SIM/Phone/Pocket Wifi at the airport.

I found these SIM in Japan to be very practical as public wifi is still hard to come by (there is now a special app though – I will write about this maybe next week as I go to Tokyo tomorrow).


If you are going to China, Japan or many other countries you should really have a look at these products. As mentioned I purchased 8 SIM in Kong Kong for myself just to be on the safe side. If you pass through Hong Kong maybe you want to have a look as well.

Last but not least, Happy New Year from Shanghai everyone!

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