IHG Rewards Club Fall 2015 Accelerate Promo Link + Free Nights Booking Link (Missing For Some)


The fall 2015 IHG Rewards Club Accelerate promotion has come to an end and I did not complete all the tasks. The completion bonus just wasn’t enough to book unnecessary bonus points package, apply for credit card or to do redeem an award.

IHG Rewards Club Fall 2015 Accelerate Promo

Some readers have had trouble accessing their Dashboards because the spring 2016 promo has the same name. Also, apparently the free night booking link has gone missing for some.

You can access the IHG Rewards Club Fall 2015 Accelerate promo here.

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The IHG Rewards Club free nights from various promotions should appear on your My Account left bar (access here). The link can be used to book the free nights.

IHG Rewards Club Free Night Status

If your free nights do not appear there or the number of free nights is incorrect, you must contact IHG Rewards Club (preferably by phone) to book them.


The fall 2015 Accelerate link should probably be up for couple of months considering that it may take some time for the stays to post and to get those stays to post that haven’t.

It is somewhat surprising that the free night booking links have gone missing for some. Let’s hope that IHG Rewards Club can get this fixed soon. I rather do these without having to contact someone by phone.

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