Bangkok Post: “Chinese passenger arrested at Suvarnabhumi for theft on plane”


When I was browsing my Facebook feed couple of hours ago, I came across this interesting piece about a Chinese passenger stealing more than 5,000 euros on a Turkish Airlines flight and the act caught on tape.

Bangkok Post Theft

There have been reports of passengers stealing money on flights to/from China within Asia and I wrote about a reader whose purse with passport was stolen on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Shanghai (read more here).

You can access the entire Bangkok Post article here of which below is an excerpt:

A Chinese passenger was allegedly caught red-handed on Monday stealing money from another passenger on a flight to Bangkok from Istanbul.

Qiquan Ma, 45, a native of Henan province in China, was arrested by Tourist Police at Suvarnabhumi after Turkish Airlines flight TK064 came arrived at the airport from the Turkish capital.

Mr Ma is accused of stealing 5,050 euro and other foreign currencies in cash from the bag of Harald Amming, a Danish passenger. The bag was left in the overhead compartment.

A Turkish passenger sitting seven rows behind the Chinese man used a mobile phone to record him apparently stealing the money before alerting the crew.


It seems that it is no longer very good idea to have any valuables or at least cash even in your carry on that you store in the overhead compartment.

It is not the best idea to carry a lot of cash. Some people prefer notes over withdrawing cash from the Thai ATMs (usually 15K to 18K THB max per transaction) and paying the rather steep fee of 180 THB + whatever the bank issuing the card may charge.

If someone goes to Thailand often, it is probably a good idea to open a bank account in the country (easy even for tourists) and deposit money by wire transfer.

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