Club Carlson Gift Card Rewards

Club Carlson has introduced new option to redeem your points – gift cards! Many hotel and airline loyalty programs have had this option for year regardless how bad option it is.

Club Carlson Gift Card Rewards

There are fourth redemption categories at 7,000, 11,000, 18,000, and 34,000 points and they are all equally horrible value.

You can access Club Carlson Gift Card options here.

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Here are the options:

Club Carlson Gift Card Rewards 1Club Carlson Gift Card Rewards 2 1Club Carlson Gift Card Rewards 2Club Carlson Gift Card Rewards 3


The value of Club Carlson point when redeemed towards one of these gift cards is 0.14 cents each. Yes. That is one seventh of a cent. This is not taking into account the fact that Club Carlson probably buys some of these gift cards at significant savings over the face value.

Using Club Carlson points towards these can only make sense if you have no other use for them.

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