Compensation Clinic: Singapore Airlines


This week the Compensation Clinic case comes from my Singapore Airlines Christchurch – Singapore flight that I took back in November.

Compensation Clinic Singapore Airlines

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So, what went wrong? This was a day flight and I had had a good sleep the night before. The equipment was 777 retrofitted aircraft and there were some serious issues with the entertainment system picture quality. Crew reset the unit twice, but without much help and the cabin was full.

The Book the Cook service is not available from Christchurch and there was no internet installed to this aircraft.

Also, since these seats were introduced sometime in the 2000’s, I have never found them to be very comfortable. I usually need three to four pillows and cannot get the seat to recline enough and I don’t like the bed “mode” unless I am planning to sleep.

As I had nothing better to do during the flight, I filled out one of those feedback forms and was surprised to hear back in about a month:

We are sorry that your inflight entertainment system was not working properly on your flight. Please allow me to share that our engineers do conduct pre-flight checks to ensure that our cabin facilities are functioning properly before the aircraft is deployed for operation. Unfortunately, we understand that on this occasion, the defect had developed during the flight. Please be assured that we have tasked our engineers to work closely with our vendors and to step up on their pre-flight checks, to see how we can better minimise future recurrences. We understand that our crew members had tried to reboot the system and they were successful thereafter. We sincerely apologise for the interruption.

We are concerned to learn that you were disappointed with the Business Class seats on this flight. We recognize that comfort during the flight is important to our passengers and we do apologise for your disappointment on this occasion. Your feedback has been conveyed to our Product Innovation Department for their ongoing review on how we can improve the design and functionality of our seats to provide better comfort for our passengers.

In addition, we note your disappointment that the Book the Cook service and OnAir Internet service were not available on your flight for this route. We have also forwarded your feedback to our Inflight Connectivity and Inflight Services team for their review on how we may continue to improve and serve our passengers’ needs in this aspect.

As a token of our apologies for your experience, we wish to present you with 3,000 KrisFlyer miles to be credited into your KrisFlyer account. The miles are valid for three years and can be used towards future upgrade and award redemption bookings, but not towards status qualification. While we cannot reverse your experience, we hope that this gesture will go some way in alleviating your disappointment.


The flight from Singapore to Bangkok was an Airbus one with a working entertainment system and better seat, although the 2-2-2 configuration is not optimal when the cabin is full.

I wish that the airline could get the internet installed to these airplanes and charge roughly along the Emirates (affordable) not Iberia (ridiculously over priced).

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