Fabulous Fridays: Day Use Rates At Various Hotels – Case Hilton Beijing


This Fabulous Friday I want to bring up something that is often forgotten simply due to the fact that it’s not utilized that often: Booking a hotel room for day use and getting great rates for it.

FF Day Rates

I’ll show you one example when I needed a day room this week at a property where I stay quiet a bit: The Hilton Beijing, Chaoyang District.

This week I was flying via Beijing to South Africa which left me with an early morning arrival and a late night departure from Capital Airport. I have previously booked a day rate at the Hilton Narita airport and remembered that Hilton is actually the only one of the chains that is displaying day use rates on their websites.

Here is how you look it up:

Hilton Day Room Search

You enter the arrival and departure date as the same and then wait which properties in the city will offer you a day rate.

Hilton PEK Result


For my stay this week I also got the same rate of 399 CNY plus tax which is half of what the regular overnight rate would have been.

On top of that I was quite surprised that this stay earned me a full stay credit incl Diamond Welcome Points (1000) and the usual Promotional Points.

Hilton PEK Accrual

There are instances where these day rates are not eligible for stay credits so your experience may vary. It could be a lucrative way however to do a few extra stays to extend your status with a) minimal time requirement and b) at a decent price.


Apart from the price and points collection the investment to book a day room instead of hanging out for 14 hours at the Air China Lounge was the best investment I could have made. I didn’t really sleep well on the overnight flight before and got a solid 6 hours sleep before waking up in the early afternoon, meeting some friends in Beijing and then heading back to the airport after dinner.

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