TripAdvisor 150 Czech Airlines OK Plus Miles Per Review (Max 10 Per Month)

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TripAdvisor has launched a campaign to get more reviews in Czech on its local website and is offering bonus miles for those that do them.

TripAdvisor 150 Czech Airlines OK Plus Miles Per Review Max 10 Per Month

You can earn 150 Czech Airlines OK Plus miles per review and you can get miles for maximum 10 reviews per month (1,500 miles).

You can access TripAdvisor’s web page for this offer here.

Note that you can leave reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions. Shouldn’t be that difficult to come up with 10 reviews per month for those that travel (most LoyaltyLobby readers do).


TripAdvisor had or may still have similar promotion going on with Garuda. This should be easy and quite cheap way for TripAdvisor to collect more reviews in specific languages. Thanks for a LoyaltyLobby reader forwarding this offer!

Here are the frequently asked questions (Google translate from Czech):

Q: How can I participate in this program?

Answer: If you are already registered as members of the OK Plus program, you can visit the promotions on TripAdvisor ( where, after clicking the “Start” button to complete the registration form.

Question: I am a member of the OK Plus program. Can I participate in it?

Answer: Miles in the OK Plus members can collect only OK Plus program. A member of the OK Plus program you can become after registering here. Be sure to fill in the form required data. Once you have a membership number of the program OK Plus, you can return to the event and follow the instructions to register.

Question: Where can I find more information on the loyalty program OK Plus?

A: Visit the OK Plus Programme ( to learn more.

Q: How can I after registration program to collect miles?

Answer: You must publish at least 1 (one) “review meeting the conditions” relating to accommodation, attraction or restaurant you visited. This review must be in English. By participating in this program, you can get up to 1 500 OK Plus miles per month.

Q: What is participating in this program benefits?

Answer: Miles in the OK Plus you get for all the reviews posted on TripAdvisor, which fulfill the conditions.

Q: How can I review on TripAdvisor under this program write?

Answer: You must publish at least one review for accommodation, attraction or restaurant in English. In a month you can earn up to 1,500 miles in the OK Plus program. The number of miles in the OK Plus program offered under review will appear when writing reviews. For accommodation facilities are within collect miles in the OK Plus Programme allowed only 4 (four) published reviews per month per subscriber.

Q: Can I publish the review in a language other than English?

Answer: Reviews you can post in any of the languages ​​that are supported on TripAdvisor, but reviews in English will be taken as the review meeting the conditions for earning miles in the OK Plus program.

Q: After I realized that I have when registering for the event said the wrong number, I changed my number TripAdvisor OK Plus program. I get spite OK Plus miles for review that I wrote an incorrect number of OK Plus Programme?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Miles in the OK Plus will only reviews written under the correct membership number OK Plus program. It is therefore very important to the registration form specifying the correct number.

Question: I have registered for the event and wrote the review. Why am I still did not receive the OK Plus miles?

Answer: This can occur for many reasons:

  1. Your review has not yet been disclosed.
  2. One or more of the reviews were rejected due to non-compliance with the general conditions of TripAdvisor:
  3. You are not registered with a valid membership number OK Plus program.
  4. Crediting an equivalent number of miles in the OK Plus program at any published review can take up to six (6) weeks.

To receive messages related to your reviews on TripAdvisor, check your e-mail address.

Question: I am a member of the OK Plus program and not want it to be. Can I still write reviews on TripAdvisor?

Answer: Yes, in this promotion do not participate. You can continue to TripAdvisor to write reviews without having participated in the OK Plus program, which allows you to earn miles.

Q: Can I publish multiple reviews for the same accommodation, attraction or restaurant?

Answer: Yes, if the review relate to the various visits. TripAdvisor on you during one visit write a review on accommodation, attractions and restaurants. If you’ve visited the facility several times, you can write these visits subsequent reviews, as follows:

  1. Accommodation and attractions: Reviews another visit soon, you can send 3 (three) months after the publication of the last review.
  2. Restaurant Reviews next visit, you can send the first one (1) month after the publication of the last review.

Question: What if I publish a review of the number of miles in the OK Plus will then change?

Answer: If you publish a review, get the number of miles in the OK Plus program referred to in the moment when you review by, even if the publication of the review will take several days.

Question: I am a registered campaign similar to this promotion. I get bonuses for a review published in both programs?

Answer: Yes. Miles will only last a program that is linked to your account on TripAdvisor at the end of the month.To switch to the OK Plus program, visit the promotions ( or go to the page by clicking million sticker displayed on the page of each device.

Here are the terms and conditions (Google translate from Czech):

  • Members have to register for this promotion before they can collect miles in the OK Plus program. This campaign is restricted to members with a valid account OK Plus frequent flyer program and TripAdvisor.For reviews posted without registration via the registration page of the campaign will be awarded miles in the OK Plus program.
  • For every published review will earn miles in the OK Plus program. The number of miles in the OK Plus for individual review varies and is displayed on a page with reviews icon next to miles in the OK Plus program.
  • In individual calendar months may be granted for a maximum number of 1,500 miles in the OK Plus program. In particular calendar month can earn miles in the OK Plus program for a maximum of four reviews of hotels.
  • Miles in the OK Plus acquired in the context of this campaign will be credited 6 (six) weeks after the month in which they were acquired.
  • Offer valid only on the Offer is subject to disclosure your review on TripAdvisor. Your review subject to the usual instructions for sending TripAdvisor reviews and the general conditions described above. Before sending reviews read our terms and conditions. As part of this promotion is counted only published reviews.
  • The decision by TripAdvisor and Czech Airlines will be final and binding on all participants and is unassailable.
  • All participants and winners waive all rights to bring a claim against the Czech Airlines, in terms of competition, and the company assumes no responsibility TripAdvisor.
  • The terms of this campaign are subject to change or may be withdrawn without notice. The company TripAdvisor and Czech Airlines reserves the right to change, modify, alter or interfere with any provision of this promotion at any time without prior notice or justification. Any decision by TripAdvisor and decisions concerning the OK Plus program are final and binding on all participants.
  • To earn miles in the OK Plus, you must publish at least 1 (one) “review meeting the conditions” relating to accommodation, attraction or restaurant you visited. Reviews must be written in a specified language.
  • Miles earned for participation in the OK Plus program can not be exchanged for cash or transferred as a gift to another member.
  • This offer is optional and members can contribute TripAdvisor reviews and opinions without being taken advantage of.
  • TripAdvisor member can earn miles each time only within a single program. This program earn miles each month will be determined solely at the discretion of TripAdvisor based on the most recent program earning miles, to which the member is successfully registered.
  • It is forbidden to use several accounts on TripAdvisor and loyalty program OK Plus, and mix with OK Plus miles in order to get a higher value rewards.
  • If there is suspicion of fraud or false registration may not be credited OK Plus miles.
  • TripAdvisor is the company with personal information in accordance with its privacy policy.
  • Reviews that were published before the start of the campaign, will not count in the promotion.
  • The campaign does not apply to contributions to the forums.
  • If you have additional questions, please visit our form of general support: In the “How can we help?” Select “Offers / Events.” In the near future you contact our customer service team.
  • On this campaign, and all users of websites and Czech Airlines OK Plus program are subject to the general conditions of the loyalty program OK Plus Czech Airlines.