FINALLY: Lifemiles Award Tickets Now Bookable With Mixed Cabin Classes!


Avianca Lifemiles just made a HUGE improvement to their program, finally allowing the mixture of different service classes on the same ticket.

Lifemiles Awards

This eliminates one of the biggest problems in the LifeMiles program as so far it was impossible to book a feeder/connection flight in a different service class if the same class is unavailable for the whole route.

Often we had no choice other than redeeming two tickets or purchasing a paid ticket to the point from where the main redemption was beginning.

This was especially problematic when redeeming Lifemiles for First Class travel and not starting/ending at a major airport or one which is served by First Class service. Usually programs allow to use a connection flight in Business or Economy Class but this was not allowed with Lifemiles. Until now.

Here is an example of how Lifemiles now displays these Mixed Cabin Awards:

Lifemiles Mixed Cabin

So apart from Lufthansa First Class being available again which we already wrote about a couple weeks ago, now you can book quite useful connections. The example above wouldn’t be such a problem as you could always get from Duesseldorf to Frankfurt by train but this would be a bit more complicated if the connection flight leaves from another country.

Lifemiles still doesn’t charge fuel surcharges which always were (and especially considering the current price of fuel) highway robbery at it’s best. They tweaked their award chart though and the number of miles required is now pretty high for most connections. It can still make sense to purchase Lifemiles during a good sale though.


It was about time that Lifemiles did something to resolve this issue. It makes zero sense not to allow mixed cabin awards as it would be likely even cheaper for them to have a passenger take a lower class of service on the connection flight. The ticket will always be priced in the highest class of service taken.