Whine Wednesdays: Fasten Seatbelt Light On For 14 Hours? (Air China JNB-PEK Flight)


It is always a good idea to have your seat belt on during a flight even when the “Fasten Seat Belt” light is not on. What would you do, however, if the light is on for the entire duration of the flight?

Whine Wednesdays Faster Seatbelt

It is always a good idea to follow crew member instructions, but there is no way that I would not walk or go to the lavatory during a 14 hour flight. Besides, there really is no excuse to leave the light on for the entire flight.

I took an Air China flight from Johannesburg to Beijing the other day in business and it seems that the cockpit crew were not properly trained how to use the Fasten Seat Belt switch.

The cockpit did signal the crew when the turbulence was about to start by turning the light on/off few times and leaving it again on.


There are airlines that leave the seat belt light on for extended period of time after the take off and before the landing (I loathe this). I do really like the airlines that turn it off very expediently after the take off or turn it only when on final approach.

When airlines leave the light on for the duration of the flight or extended period of time, it just makes passengers not observe it at all. The light should only be on when needed.

Maybe Air China should give some additional training to the cockpit members how to use the light and that it shouldn’t be left on.  The seat belt sign is usually part of every aircraft checklist, whether it be departure, cruise or landing… so if they are missing this, it makes me wonder what else they might be passing over.

Have you ever experiences something similar? If yes, when and on which airlines?

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