Zika Virus Travel Waivers Issued By American Airlines, United & British Airways

When I have been watching the various international news channels as of late, there has been plenty of coverage about the Zika virus that is believed to cause serious birth defects.

Zika Travel Waivers

It took a while for some of the airlines to allow passengers (pregnant ones or those thinking of becoming pregnant) to postpone their trips, change destinations or apply for a refund.

Note that many airlines still won’t allow any changes. It is best to call them and ask for a waiver if pregnancy is likely in near future.

United is currently allowing passengers to rebook or request a refund. American Airlines is allowing passengers to reschedule their flights without penalties, but this only applies to select cities in Central America.

British Airways is allowing changes to those pregnant customers traveling to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and Cancun until February 29 and this may be extended. They can postpone their trips or travel to other destinations. Not sure how BA will confirm whether someone is pregnant or not.


There are thousands of babies born in Brazil that have been affected by this virus. It is just a very sad situation. Those that are pregnant or may be get pregnant probably should try to avoid areas where Zika virus has spread.

It is good that many airlines are willing to offer refunds, re-bookings or travel to alternate destinations due to this growing concern.

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