Compensation Clinic: Holiday Inn Express Bangkok – Disturbed By Housekeeping!


Today the Compensation Clinic makes a stop in Bangkok where yours truly had a brief stay at the Holiday Inn Express Bangkok, Sukhumvit 11.

HIX Bangkok S11

At the property I was disturbed through housekeeping even though late check-out was noted and Do Not Disturb signage was put on and clearly visible.

Let me start off by saying that I stayed at this property many times before, I’d say 5-6 times and I consider it by HIX standards one of the better properties. Especially the free breakfast is of surprisingly good quality.

I checked in late at the hotel and asked for a room facing away from Soi 11 and the construction side in the back which is both a source for disruption especially on the weekends.

IHG Rewards Club Members, even base level, receive a late check-out benefit until 2pm, all guests receive free breakfast and internet. You could pretty much say this is one of the better deals around in Bangkok especially because the hotel is brand new.

Expecting to have a long sleep I put on the Do Not Disturb sign and for double protection also put the paper hanger outside on the door handle. I had issues with housekeeping knocking on the door before at this property so this time I wanted to be careful.

Sure enough just after 12 noon, I think it was 12:20 someone came into the room. I was sleeping so I can’t really say if they were knocking before or not but it really doesn’t matter. Call the reception and ask if the guest has checked out.

I promptly called the front desk and asked for the Manager on Duty to complain about the disturbance and since this is a repeated matter I asked to work out some form of compensation. Initially I was offered 2000 IHG points but that’s 10% of a free night at the property. After having a pleasant meeting with the lady later on we agreed on a future free night at the property without shifting any points around.

Gift Cert HIX BKK

I found this adequate for multiple reasons. First and foremost I likely stay at this property again anyway and secondly the property has to pay for IHG points to be credited to a members account. 20,000 Points would certainly be more expensive than just giving away a free night and I didn’t want to push it too far since I thought it’s a nice offer.

I said it before and I will repeat it: If a hotel wakes me up for no reason I’m not going to pay for my room. I’m there to sleep and not to dilly dally around, showing housekeeping how to observe signage.


This is an issue at many hotels. Housekeeping staff is often completely disconnected from the front desk and not trained in a proper way to check their lists against information of guests that have already checked out with the back-office that has computer access. Hotels simply have to create a proper process for this sort of thing especially if a good amount of guests have late checkout benefits.

An absolute pet peeve of mine is when housekeeping calls the room from a housephone, knowing full well there is a DND sign on the door.

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