Reminder: Stay Away From Tiger Temples In Thailand (Animal Cruelty)


Few weeks ago, I saw some photos on my Facebook feed of friends visiting some tiger place in Thailand and taking photos and petting them. I felt sickened.

Tiger Temple

Over the past week, there has been several pieces on Bangkok Post newspaper (one of the two English dailies in Thailand) about illegal trade and wildlife trafficking at one of the more popular “tiger temples”.

You can access the Bangkok Post pieces here, here, here, here, here and here. Below is an excerpt of one of them:

The department, which left seven tigers under the temporary care of the temple in 2001, and the temple have tried to avoid the media spotlight, the source said.

The number of tigers had risen from seven to 147 as of last year. There are also 30 to 50 unregistered cubs, a possible reason why the relocation of the tigers needs to be kept secret, the source said.

The Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yanasampanno Foundation, which oversees the tigers, earlier agreed to hand over 70 tigers to the department, provided that it can continue raising 77 tigers at the zoo it is currently constructing, the source added.


People should stay away from these illegal animal farms, however enticing it would be to be able to upload a photo of you petting a full grown tiger that is probably sedated. This is nothing but animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that much will change in Thailand when it comes to this as there is too much money involved from tourists. People should just know better…..