Reader Question: Has Malaysia Airlines Gone Dry?


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me an email regarding alcohol availability on Malaysia Airlines flights.

Reader Question Malaysia Airlines Gone Dry

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Just arrived at Conrad Bali (very nice hotel!) and came on Malaysia Airlines in biz class via a very good MH upgrade price.

We went to Golden Lounge and had a couple of glasses of champagne before take off – however on the plane there was no alcohol available.

Last flew on from BKK to KUL in August last year and it was available – so not sure what has changed and whether its policy for flights between malaysia and indonesia or this is more penny pinching by Malaysia after the re-organisation.

Was a nice flight but but I did miss a nice glass of red with my beef fillet dinner.

When I flew on Malaysia Airlines last time regionally in 2015, they certainly did have alcohol beverages available in business class.

Here’s what I found when doing some Google searches:

Flew Kul-Bkk today business class and was told by the FA that MH no longer serves alcohol on flights less than 3 hours. Apparently this new policy was effective as of January 1.

I was also at the MH Regional lounge and was told no alcohol before 9am. This second policy appears to be a little fluid as I contacted a manager and this decision (at least for me) was rescinded.

This was posted on FlyerTalk thread (access here).


I have some regional Malaysia Airlines flights coming next month in paid business class (BKK-KUL-BWN return) and it does seem indeed that these flights have gone dry based on information now available. They were serving adult beverages on intra-Asia flights last year.

This decision makes absolutely no sense. How airline tries to attract connecting premium traffic and serves alcohol beverages on some flights and then not on others? Stocking $30 champagne, $10 wines, beers and some spirits cannot be that big of an expense per flight.

I have no problem if the airlines decides to do this and go entirely dry, but they should have information available on their website about this that they don’t currently have, so that passengers could book away. If I am flying on a full service airline, I do expect to have access for a glass of wine or two.