Air Canada & GOL Partnership Launch February 1, 2016


Air Canada and GOL has launched a partnership effective February 1, 2016. You can now earn Aeroplan miles on GOL flights (redemption not yet possible).

Air Canada Aeroplan GOL Smiles Partnership February 1 2016

Although I am sure that GOL Smiles now allows earning miles on Air Canada flights, I couldn’t find any information about this on their website.

You can access Aeroplan’s announcement of this partnership here.

Air Canada has put its’ code on some GOL flights. Remember that the underlying GOL code dictates the earned miles regardless the code used by the marketing carrier.

GOL has codeshares and partnerships with number of airlines including Delta, Air France, KLM, TAP, Aerolineas Argentinas, Etihad, Qatar Airways and Etihad.

Here’s information from Aeroplan’s website about earning miles on GOL (access here):

Air Canada Aeroplan GOL Smiles Partnership February 1 2016 EarningAir Canada Aeroplan GOL Smiles Partnership February 1 2016 Earning Continue


The number of various partners that GOL has is quite remarkable. The airline is partly owned by Delta and Air France-KLM and you cannot miss the fact on their planes….

It is interesting too see when the redeeming miles partnership is also launched. I would imagine that it will happen in due course.

The flights within Brazil tend to be rather cheap if you don’t care about the airline used. I buy entirely on the price as there is hardly any difference between GOL, TAM or Avianca (have not flown on Azul yet) and they don’t have any domestic lounges.