Whine Wednesdays: Apron Position & Bus To Terminal With Y PAX In Hong Kong


This week the Whine Wednesdays piece is about an un=optimal “premium” (none) arrival experience with Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong.

Whine Wednesday Cathay Pacific Ground Services (NONE) At HKG

There are very few airlines if any that can provide Business and First Class passengers a seamless premium experience throughout their network, but many are quite good at their hub whereas Cathay Pacific fails miserably.

The apron positions (when an aircraft is parked away from the gates, sometimes on the other side of the field) are unavoidable at times, although usually these are “reserved” for non-flag carriers. This is not fun at 5:50AM, however.

What is even worse with Cathay Pacific, is that they don’t have any special transportation for the premium pax from the plane to the terminal. Whereas most airlines provide an exclusive and usually more luxurious bus ahead of the economy passengers, Cathay rather decide to cram as many pax from all classes into standard buses.

I decided to fill out a feedback form while munching down breakfast at the F lounge:

Whine Wednesday Cathay Pacific Ground Services (NONE) At HKG Complaint

and was surprised that they were able to read my handwriting and got the email address right….

Whine Wednesday Cathay Pacific Ground Services (NONE) At HKG Complaint Reply


Cathay Pacific should work with the Hong Kong airport and enhance this experience when an apron position is required. Is it really that difficult to get one bus for premium pax to take them to the terminal and then have another series of buses for economy?

This experience arriving into Hong Kong from Bangkok last week was far from the “premium” experience that Cathay Pacific tries to convey.