Wrong Turn: China Airlines Ventures Off Taxiway And Gets Stuck In Mud At Vancouver Airport


A set of China Airlines pilots likely had a really bad day last week when they took a wrong turn taxiing off the runway and their Boeing 747 got stuck in a grass/mud area after landing in Vancouver, Canada.

China Airlines B777 wrong Turn

The aircraft subsequently requires a tow truck to pull them out and put them back on the right path, allowing passengers to disembark.

Following their arrival from Taipei, the Taiwanese carrier ventured off the regular taxiways to find themselves on a grassy area that has turned into mud after Vancouver’s typical wet weather.

Local news website Vancity Buzz (access here) broke the news last week together with a corresponding image showing the jumbo jet as a sitting duck awaiting a tow truck.

A Boeing 747 aircraft operated by China Airlines ventured off the path and into a grassy area at Vancouver International Airport on Tuesday evening.

YVR spokesperson Lara Gerrits told Vancity Buzz that Flight 32 from Taipei landed safely at 6:25 p.m., but as it was taxiing to the terminal gate part of the aircraft took a wrong turn into the grass and the wheels became stuck.

There were no injuries as a result of the incident and airport operations were not disrupted.

The aircraft was later towed back to the terminal. An outbound flight, scheduled for last night on the same aircraft, has been delayed to later today.

Vancouver (in comparison) is not a very complicated airport to taxi at given it’s size and layout so this might have been a simple navigational error on behalf of the pilots that got them into this embarrassing situation.

CI B747 Stuck

There is also an interesting audio file that captured the correspondence between the China Airlines pilots and Vancouver Tower (access it here).


I hope for the passengers that this whole situation didn’t take all too long because it’s really annoying having to deal with something like this after a long haul flight arriving late in the evening.

Aside from that the plane must have undergone a mechanical assessment since the flight was substantially delayed following this excursion into muddy terrain.