Compensation Clinic: Case Hilton Tokyo Odaiba, Japan


Today the Compensation Clinic stops in Tokyo, Japan where one of our readers had disappointing stay at the new Hilton Tokyo Odaiba.

Hilton_Tokyo_Odaiba_HRThe property was just recently added to the Hilton portfolio in Japan and while I have not personally stayed there it appears the hotel is still in start-up mode.

The Hilton Odaiba is located in Minato, Tokyo and opened last October. It is Hiltons 12th hotel in Japan and the 4th in central Tokyo aside the Hilton Shinjuku, Conrad Tokyo and the Hilton Tokyo Bay.

Our reader Daniel writes:


I had a few issued while staying at the new HILTON ODAIBA. I’m a Hilton Diamond and when I arrived I was told no upgrades are available despite the website showing plenty availability. I was given a Standard Executive Room. As compensation I was given a few drink vouchers but the bar only allowed me to redeem one par day!? The Club Lounge closes at 9pm which is way too early. When I wanted to go to the pool there was a charge for that even for in-house guests.

I suggested that he addresses the matter with Hilton Guest Assistance to rectify the situation and also help the hotel to get feedback in the right places.

A few days after our reader replied back to us that Guest Assistance issued 25,000 HHonors points as compensation for the experience to his Diamond account.

I think this was an adequate response to the complaints even though the one matter with the upgrades is more or less moot since Hilton doesn’t have a firm upgrade policy that entitles Diamond members to anything special beyond an Executive Room / Lounge access.

This is one of the weakest points of the program because most competitors provide ‘Best Room Available’ (Hyatt Gold Passport) or even ‘Upgrade to Standard Suites’ (Starwood SPG). That and the lack of a firm late check out benefit.


New hotels sometimes have the problem that certain features are not 100% perfect. That includes elite treatment and hotel outlets that might have to fine tune their operations.

The Hilton Tokyo also closes their lounge fairly early and indeed I have seen a lot of hotels in the city that make their guests pay for the swimming pool. Usually this charge is waived for top tier elites though. Personally I would never pay for using such facilities as a staying guest and have raised hell before in such situations.