Reader Comment: Nasty Welcome Emails From Park Hyatt Sydney


A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me a rather unwelcoming email that he had received from Park Hyatt Sydney before his stay at this overrated property that has lost its Hyatt Touch (is there any?) already years ago.

Reader Comment Nasty Emails From Park Hyatt Sydney

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Here’s the email that the reader sent me:

I thought that I would try the Park Hyatt in Sydney in February, booking using a corporate rate (blanked out in the email below – no need to drag my Company into this little rant).  Rather than the the usual ‘welcome email’ providing the odd useful local tip – I was surprised to receive the following email from the ‘Assistant Manager’.

While I have no issue with a hotel confirming valid ID when using corporate rates, I though this email was heavy handed and rather offensive – implying that I might be using rates that I wasn’t entitled too. I also am not aware of any restriction on the use of corporate rates whether for business or leisure – and how on earth you can draw such a distinction these days as many trips can be a combination of both

I hadn’t stayed at a Hyatt in years, and after this ‘warm welcome’ I decided that I dint need to again and canceled my reservation here in favor of an alternative hotel. But I did respond back to Mr Cheng from my work email account proving my entitlement to use this rate – but that I didn’t appreciate the tone of his email

Separately, I applied for a status match based on my Hilton Diamond status – that you wrote about last year. After including a screen shot of status and YTD stays and waiting three months and several emails later (they eventually offered platinum, and asked me to resubmit what I had already sent them), I  politely declined. Not great service all round and certainly no intention to stay with Hyatt any time soon.

Here’s the email that the Park Hyatt Sydney had sent:

Greetings from Park Hyatt Sydney.

Thank you for choosing to stay with us during your upcoming visit to Sydney in February 2016. We are delighted to confirm your reservation in a Park King room from Tuesday 9th February 2016 for an overnight stay.

As this shall be your first time with us I would to reconfirm that the [Company] preferred corporate rates are available for the use of [Company] employees traveling on business, and that travelers will be asked to provide company ID’s at the time of check-in. These preferred corporate rates are not available for employees traveling on leisure.

Thank you in advance for your assistance, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Warm regards,


Assistant Manager – Communications


Well. They should certainly send this Assistant Manager of Communications to some communication and guest relations course.

As the reader pointed out, many prefer mixing business and pleasure on work trips when time allows. How Park Hyatt Sydney could determine whether the reader is on a work or combined work/leisure trip is beyond of my comprehension.

I have stayed at the Park Hyatt Sydney few times over the years and have always found the elite treatment or any treatment to be more on the cocky side. You usually have to push them to honor the Diamond elite benefits including the best available room.

I believe that the reader made the right choice. If the experience is this bad before even setting his foot on the property, it is better to book a hotel that actually appreciates his business.