Fabulous Fridays: Hotels With Washer & Dryer Units


When I was thinking about possible Fabulous Fridays idea for today, I couldn’t come up with any first. Then I remembered why I chose the hotel that I am staying tonight.

Fabulous Fridays Hotels With Washer & Dryer

I use hotel laundry for shirts, jeans and sweaters (paid or free) etc, but usually the prices for underwear and socks is ridiculous. Sometimes I choose the hotel based on whether they have washer & dryer units on their rooms & suites.

Usually these laundry facilities are not available on regular hotels, but can be found from ones that are part hotels & part residencies.

I chose to stay at the Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 57 in Bangkok that has Residencies attached to the hotel and where they have upgraded me every time (had to push bit today though). These residence units are perfect for doing laundry and come with all the benefits at staying at the main hotel.

I usually don’t book these Marriott Residencies because you don’t earn full points and stay credits. When you are upgraded one, the stay posts from the main hotel (at least they do from the one here in Bangkok).


I usually found these properties that have laundry facilities in their rooms/suites by trial and error. Came across one in Dubai (InterContinenal Marina) when I stayed there late last year.

Would have preferred to use paid laundry, but my stay in Bangkok this time was less than 18 hours and their turnaround time is usually longer and didn’t want to waste time in search of one.

Had to accept a smoking suite (cannot really smell anything though) that I am usually fine with as long as it is not reeking of smoke.