Nashville Airport: Man Walks Butt Naked Into The Terminal And Waits In Check-In Line – Arrested!


A gentleman in Nashville, TN apparently has a thing for traveling light as he went to the airport butt naked today, awaiting his turn at an American Airlines Check-In counter.

BNA Naked Guy (1)

Though his little exhibitionist trip didn’t last all too long, it was enough for a few candid shots of fellow travelers to brighten our day.

What would you think when looking over your shoulder and a guy waits completely naked in the check-in line next to you?

Tod Brilliant, a Los Angeles based Photographer and Writer knows a good image when he sees one and clicked away. But not only that. On his Facebook he writes:

Tod Brilliant

While this would have created a huge scene at most cities, good old Nashville stayed cool and shrugged it off while the police did their work.

The Tennessean (access here) writes:

A naked man was taken into police custody Sunday evening at Nashville International Airport, said airport spokeswoman Shannon Sumrall.

Sumrall didn’t immediately know identifying information about the man.

She said this is not the first time he’s walked around airport property naked. On a “handful” of other occasions, she said he’s parked in the economy lot and walked around. On Sunday he parked much closer, making it into the airport terminal for the first time, she said.

The man was taken into custody by airport police at roughly 5:30 p.m. for public indecency, then booked by Metro Nashville Police Department, Sumrall said.

Photographs posted to Facebook by an airport patron appear to show the man walking around the terminal of the airport or standing in line at the desk of an airline.

So he wasn’t actually traveling (ok, maybe that’s not too much of a surprise) but rather he has a history of exhibitionist excursions in and around Nashville.


As funny as the matter is and I hope everyone had a good day, hopefully the guy will get some help. Either voluntarily or after this stunt probably by court order before he gets into a situation that might become dangerous for him. We all know how crazy people can react after seeing an ass at the airport.