Jet Airways & Korean Air Frequent Flier Partnership Launch March 1, 2016

Jet Airways sent out an email to its frequent flier members about new partnership with Korean Air that will take effect on March 1, 2016.

Jet Airways & Korean Air Frequent Flier Partnership

Jet Airways JetPrivilege members can earn and use miles on flights operated by Korean Air. I would assume that the same also applies for Korean Air frequent fliers effective on the same date.

You can access Jet Airways web page for Korean Air partnership here.

Here’s the mileage earning table for Korean Air marketed and operated flights when credited to JetPrivilege:

Jet Airways & Korean Air Frequent Flier Partnership Table


Etihad Airways owns minority share of Jet Airways and majority of JetPrivilege. Seems that the frequent flier partnerships that Etihad has with number of airlines are slowly spreading to airlines and frequent flier programs that they partially or majority own.

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