Malaysia Airlines Brunei Darussalam Check In Ridiculous Passenger Acknowledgment Requirement


When I was checking in or actually merely picking up my boarding passes after online checking (not allowed to print your own BPs from  BWN), I was wondering why it would take an agent 15+ minutes to check in 3 business class passengers.

MH Check In BWN

While on the line, I noticed the “warning” that was attached to the material that airline use to separate economy and business class passengers about check in “requirements” that were ridiculous.

Then at the check in, you were presented  declaration to sign with the same utter nonsense that was posted.

MH Check In BWN Ridiculous

You could see the names and signatures of all the other passengers that had checked in at the business class counter. Privacy violation?

The requirements that Malaysia Airlines lists are mostly garbage:

1. The minimum passport expiry when entering one country is usually dependent of your nationality, whether you have visa and the length of your intended stay.

Some countries may require 6 months validity at the time of entering the country, but this is not an universal requirement.

2. There are some countries that may require one or two empty pages on passport especially if there is visa-on-arrival. I have yet to see requirement by any one country that would require 6 empty pages.

3. You shouldn’t travel with damaged passport.

4. I can travel to 173 travel countries without requiring visa. How Malaysia Airlines would deem that I suddenly need a visa to my final destination?

5. Some countries may require you to be able to show financial means so that no employment required to sustain oneself while there.


And yes. The agent that took forever to check passenger in at the business class counter required that you signed this nonsense. The economy agents were processing passengers at double speed, but also required the signed disclosure.

Airlines usually check the entry requirements both for immigration and health using system maintained by IATA that is called Timatic. Requiring passengers to sign these “waivers” or “acknowledgements” do nothing to shield the airline from possible fines if they transport passenger that had insufficient documentation to their final destination.