Compensation Clinic: InterContinental Bangkok Internet Woes


Last week, I stayed for a night at the InterContinental Bangkok that is one of the hotels in the city that I tend to go quite frequently. This time the internet was a complete disaster, however.

Compensation Clinic InterContinental Bangkok

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You can access InterContinental Bangkok’s website here.

The internet is not as big of an issue that it used to be few years back especially at these full service hotels.

Compensation Clinic InterContinental Bangkok Speedtest

I had a nap from 8PM to midnight and tried to get some work done when I noticed that the connection was extremely slow. Run a Speedtest on two computes and other devices. The PING to a local server in Bangkok was at times more than 300 ms and both download and upload speeds were less than 1 MBPS.

Spoke with a manager and duty several times that promised to get the technician on hand to resolve the issue but nothing was happening.

Then they wanted to come to the suite to find out what was wrong. I pointed out that sending someone to the suite to troubleshoot something would be completely useless as I had tried the Ethernet connection as well.

They sent the technician anyway that surprisingly had the same issues as I. He said that he would reset the server.

The internet then went completely down at 3AM and they were not able to resolve the issue at the hotel level. I got some work done by tethering on the AIS network. When I went to sleep at 6AM the internet was still down.

Woke up at noon and the internet was up but couldn’t log in. The log in was on infinite loop on all the devices that had logged in the night before. Reported this to the Manager on Duty and the issue was solved when I tried to use the internet again at 2PM.

Manager offered to waive the charge for the night and we settled for the number of IHG Rewards Club points (35,000) that a free night at InterContinental Bangkok would have cost. The points posted to my account within 24 hours.


I should have cut my losses and simply left the hotel after I noticed the internet issues at midnight. Wasted more than two hours of my time with the non-working internet before tethering on the AIS network.

Sometimes these issues are unavoidable, but hotels should ensure that they have another option in place if one provider goes completely down.

Tethering on the cell phone network works for those with a local number (I have had one with AIS for close to five years), but the data plan that I activate when entering the country is usually from 1GB to 3GB depending of the length of my stay. Could burn it in a day.

When hotel offers to waive the charges for the night, I usually suggest that they deposit the number of points to my account what award night at that property would require.

I do like the InterContinental Bangkok and the benefits offered for Royal Ambassador members. I have no issues staying at this hotel yet again when I am in the city next time.