Reminder: Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades Expire February 29th – Use Them Or Lose Them!!

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It’s the time of the year again when Hyatt Diamond members will soon receive a batch of four new Upgrade Certificates and forfeit those that sit unused in their account.

Hyatt Suite UpgradesThis will be the last year that Hyatt allows to use your Diamond Suite Upgrades (DSU) for a future reservation after a change to their rules regulating the use of these certificates.

Every year Hyatt awards Diamond Members four Suite Upgrade Certificates that expire at the end of February, ending the current membership year.

While four upgrades are really not that many and I always end up using mine I know many folks who have them sitting partially or wholly unused in their account every year.

The upgrades are not transferable but this year will be the last time that Hyatt Gold Passport allows to apply them towards a future reservation.

Hyatt DSU

This practice will end with the coming membership year since Hyatt announced on their website that from now on all certificates have to be used by the end of each February or they will be forfeited.

If you still have your Diamond Suite Upgrades it might be a good time to consider using them asap to preserve their value. Especially members who might not re-qualify for Diamond have a sweet spot here as a suite at certain properties often comes with perks such as Club Access (not with all, you have to check!).

I like the fact that you can pre-confirm your suites as a Hyatt Diamond but I don’t like having to call in for that. It’s no big deal but I would still prefer if they could be applied electronically. Given the desolate state of Hyatt’s IT that won’t be happening anytime soon though.


As mentioned I have no problem using all of my DSU each year but I also visit many Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt properties where it’s worth it redeeming them. If someone travels mostly on business, frequenting hotels where it would make close to zero sense applying these upgrades I can see the point why they would be sitting in the account forever until the date of expiry.