Air France-KLM Flying Blue Bluy Miles Miles Up To 50% Bonus Until March 18, 2016

Air France-KLM Flying Blue has launched a new promotion for buying miles at up to 50% bonus until March 18, 2016.

Air France-KLM Flying Blue Buy Miles March 2016 Campaign

Non-elite members can purchase up to 75,000 miles per calendar year (no limit for elites) and the bonus under this offer is dependent on the number of miles you purchase.

You can access this offer here.

Here’s the beak down on number of bonus miles you can get:

Air France-KLM Flying Blue Buy Miles March 2016 Campaign Table

The price of a mile:

Air France-KLM Flying Blue Buy Miles March 2016 Campaign Price

The price of a mile purchased under this offer at the maximum bonus level is 1.83 euro cents each.


Buying Flying Blue miles can make sense IF you can use them for some of the better Promotional Awards that the airlines have or you need to top up your account for an award. Otherwise you are better off just buying paid tickets using cash.

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

During the promotional period each member can receive a maximum bonus of 50,000 Award Miles. Bonus Miles will be awarded on transactions made between 26 February and 18 March 2016 and will be credited to the recipient’s account when the transaction is complete. Award Miles are sold in units of 2,000 Miles. Ivory members can buy up to 75,000 Award Miles each year and Elite members can buy unlimited Award Miles.

Award Miles are sold to you by Inc. Award Miles will be deposited into your account within 72 hours of purchase. You have the right to withdraw your purchase within 14 days as provided in the Buy and Gift Award Miles Program Terms and Conditions. To exercise the withdrawal right or to obtain assistance with the Buy and Gift Award Miles Program, please contact the Customer Service Centre.

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