Fabulous Fridays: Arrival Services For Premium Passengers And Status Card Holders


This week, Fabulous Fridays visits special arrival facilities that are made available to passengers traveling in First- and Business Class as well in some instances to status card holders.

FF Arrival ServicesSuch lounges or facilities are especially useful after an overnight flight to catch a hot shower and freshen up before heading to a city appointment.

The most recent offer of such a facility I saw at the check in counter of Korean Air in Bangkok where a folder offered First and Business Class guests the use of Club Olympus shower and sauna at the Grand Hyatt Incheon. You can access the offer description online as well (see here).

While this is an off site option (the Grand Hyatt Incheon requires to leave the airport by shuttle bus which is a 15-20 min affair including the wait) some airlines have established arrival lounges at the airport itself such as Cathay Pacific’s The Arrival in Hong Kong.

CX HKG The ArrivalThe Arrival can also be accessed by status passengers who will receive a printed invitation card upon check in. I have used this lounge in Hong Kong three or four times in the past and even though it’s a small facility it’s convenient right underneath the Airport Express station and well taken care of.


If you have appointments right after arrival, such facilities really help to make yourself look presentable, freshen up and also have a small meal before heading out. Some of these arrangements are more useful than others, for example I doubt that there are many passengers who go all the way to the Hyatt Incheon just to take a shower.

If you are interested in visiting such arrival facilities you should either consult the airlines website ahead of your trip or ask upon checkin to confirm availability and eligibility.