Hotels Making Their Own Rules: Case InterContinental Sydney


When I wrote (read more here) about a nasty email from Park Hyatt Sydney that a LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me, many disagreed with me (no problems with that).

InterContinental Sydney

This past weekend, I stayed at the InterContinental Sydney for a couple of nights and was rolling my eyes while reading the “welcome” note above.

You can access InterContinental Sydney’s website here.

1. The minibar “reminder”

There is no “reasonable use” clause in the program terms and conditions. There is a note that the benefit is only for the program member and in-room consumption only (not to take away).

2. Survey reminder

Whenever I see a note about after stay surveys and a note to contact the manager if something is less than 10 or perfect, it usually means a struggling hotel.

For me this implies that they really don’t care about your stay at all. They only care if you are planning to give them less than perfect marks on after stay survey that you may or may not get.


The “survey reminder” is borderline no-no. The property is trying to get higher marks on after stay surveys than they other otherwise would. I called the MOD and they were not able to resolve the issue I had with my stay.

Note that I have generally been happy with my stays at this hotel, although it is starting show its age. This past weekend just turned out to be super busy in the city and the hotel was close to sold out.

Not sure why the property tries to invent the new minibar consumption guideline of “reasonable”. What could be reasonable for an Aussie might be a lot to someone else and vice versa. Having such a reminder on the welcome note is negative.