Whine Wednesdays: New Marriott Room Design – Where’s The Desk?


I remember reading Marriott’s new initiative of getting rid of work desks in hotel rooms earlier this year and was thinking of writing about it here on LoyaltyLobby.

Marriott Room Design

Well. I came across these room monstrosities last night when staying at the newly renovated Marriott Auditorium hotel in Madrid (basically an airport hotel) due to transit in the city. Who designed and signed off this design???

Apparently Marriott has been surveying “millennials” based on their corporate communication (I call this bs) and came to conclusion that these don’t need to do any work in the hotel rooms while traveling and hence the work desks are gone.

Here’s an excerpt from Associate Press (access the entire article here)

Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson says guests no longer want a full dresser, closet and desk. Removing some items gives rooms a greater sense of space. Add a big TV, fast Wi-Fi and they are happy.

“We can go too far if we say no work surface is the approach,” Sorenson says. “That’s not what we are doing. Increasingly, we settle in a place where there is a desk. It’s a smaller desk. It might sometimes be a flexible space.”

Sorenson says the goal is to make rooms feel more modern.

If those “flexible workspaces” aren’t conducive to creativity, hotels are hoping to nudge guests to bring their laptops to the lobby, where they might buy a glass of wine while typing away.

And CBC is reporting that this design is coming to all Marriott hotels (access the piece here):

An international hotel brand is ditching desks in its rooms in an effort to keep up with changing times, sparking an angry backlash from some business travellers, who say the habits of millennials are behind the transformation.

The decision to remove desks is happening at just one of Marriott International’s 19 brands, but Marriott Hotels is the company’s flagship brand, with more than 500 properties in 50 countries.


This design really doesn’t make any sense. I do sometimes work out from club/concierge lounges or noisy environments such as coffee shops. I do, however, also except that I can get work done in a quiet environment when staying at one of Marriott hotels or any other full service hotel brand to be frank.

Am I the only one who thinks that this might be a cost cut initiative that is framed being something that “millennials” (I hate these marketing classifications of generation X, then Y and now millennials) would want?

Probably this means that the room size is basically shrinking and Marriott can save costs by not having a proper work desk and an adjustable chair with wheels.

If this is the direction that Marriott rooms are taking, they will surely ensure that many business travelers will start booking away myself included. Whoever came up with this stupidest idea should be fired including the person who signed this design off at the Marriott HQ.

Oh. I made this Marriott hotel to remove those circle table and bring me a proper one from where I am actually typing this from.