Fabulous Fridays: OSL Lounge Internet Speed!


Thought that it would be a time to give credit to the OSL lounge’s internet bandwidth/speed that is the best that I have come across at any airport.

Fabulous Fridays Oslo Internet

There are only two lounges at the Oslo airport; SAS one that is used by the Star Alliance airlines and this OSL one that is used by all the rest including Qatar Airways and British Airways whose boarding passes I have used for the access.

It is usually never crowded of the 10 or so times I have been there and there are some tables where you can get some work done/type away.

They must have good deal with their ISP provider and are probably not using very sophisticated bandwidth allocation system that would only give 2 to 4 MBPS that.


This is a small thing but what is the lounge worth if they cannot provide internet access that is the case with Qatar’s one in Doha during the peak hours?

OSL lounge is probably my home one considering that number of times I have been there during the past 12 months when flying on British Airways and Qatar.

I wish that all the airlines and airports would pay more attention to the internet connectivity including Abu Dhabi where I am typing this from (works but extremely slow).

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